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Are you Ofsted ready?

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Ofsted is education’s ‘Macbeth’. Whispering the word lures inspection ever closer. Muttering those two syllables draws inspectors through the door.

We’ve all read the CIF. It has dominated management teams’ agendas up and down the country. We understand value added, ALPS and Progress 8 data. We’ve updated Teaching, Learning and Assessment and stretched the most inflexible of learners. We’re ready to be scrutinised on outcomes. We know destinations and we can discuss our students’ employability and how they’re ready to progress.

Or ….. are we?

Are you ready to…

  • print off meaningful overviews of your students’ work ready profiles?
  • provide skills’ data to measure impact?
  • quantify the work experience hours your students have been involved in?
  • demonstrate that students have reflected on their work experience and are able to discuss their developing skill-set?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, it’s time to consider Kloodle.

Kloodle resembles an on-line Record of Achievement. Students construct a CV throughout their academic journey. On Kloodle, students cannot declare they possess a skill without ‘proving it’. Pupil A reckons they’re organised and time-efficient? They must upload content to demonstrate the fact.

All good so far?

Every time a student creates a piece of evidence or demonstrates a skill or details their experiences of work, it’s recorded. Each time a skill is recorded, it creates data. Quantifiable data. This measures outcomes and determines the value you have added to a student. You can now demonstrate a cohort’s work experience at the click of a button. You can quantify the students who have recorded ‘teamwork’ or ‘self motivation’.

Since November, my class of 21 have uploaded 18 blogs and 9 pictures to capture teamwork and 16 blogs, 11 photos and 4 videos to validate verbal communication. They’ve also notched up 112 hours of work-related experience. Blog writing supports and reflects upon these activities.

Since September, our college of 1095 boasts 1011 hours of work experience, 876 blogs describing written communication and 794 blogs tagging creativity.

Data isn’t generated magically. It requires quality input. Kloodle must be embedded into your culture. It must be part of the daily language and routine. Our Skills’ Weeks have stimulated discussion regarding employability. As a consequence, the data suite shows a surge in student recording and reflection.

Back to the ‘O’ word.

How do you currently record your own students’ employability skills?


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