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Focusing on results and content is destroying education

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The focus on results and content is destroying education. This mentality is all pervasive in our schools. We teach our students to value outcomes over the learning process. We create stress and worry. Students cannot control the result they receive. Focusing on things you cannot control leads to anxiety.

Students CAN control their approach to learning. They are able to control the skills they use to solve a problem. They can control their attitude to producing quality writing. They can control how to formulate an argument. They can control their ability to think like a scientist. They can control the process to use when learning things.

Students learn to focus on the process as opposed to the outcome though this approach. Education is a process, not an end result. Focusing on a process is more valuable to the learning experience. A student taught to think like a scientist will be able to do so long after they’ve forgotten the catalyst for the hydrogenation reaction.

The question “is this on the exam” must be banned in any self respecting classroom. This question teaches students that only “testable” knowledge is worth learning. How many teachers entered the profession to teach this way? It is a jaded mentality developed through cynicism.

Teachers should emphasise the process. A classroom should ooze a love of learning. The subject itself is the reward. Each activity creates enjoyment. Passing an exam is a hollow victory; a good homework grade is false joy. The enjoyment is fleeting. Teachers must celebrate the process of learning; they should take the learner on a journey and admire the scenery along the way.

Students learn to master a subject using this approach. They develop the skills to be a scientist, linguist or historian. They’re more capable than a student drilled to pass a test. They will succeed in their career.

If you take this approach, the score will take care of itself. You’ll also find your day more enjoyable.


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