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High Impact Employer Engagement with schools and colleges

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The Careers and Enterprise Company, a government offshoot with responsibility for improving the career prospects of young people, released a recent report describing how employers can best engage with education.

“Young people who have 4 or more workplace encounters while at school are 86% less likely to be ‘Not in Education Employment or Training’ (NEET) and on average will go on to earn 18% more than their peers who did not”

Employer engagement has multiple benefits: –

  • Young people who engage with employers are less likely to be unemployed
  • Employers proactively develop the skills their future workforce requires
  • Employees who engage with schools increase their own skills, brand loyalty and effectiveness

The report lists some challenges for engaging with schools: –

  • Not knowing the correct people to speak with at the school or college
  • Leverage?—?the impact an organisation has for the time spent
  • Follow up?—?how can employers see the impact they have?
  • Pitching?—?how do you pitch your line of work most effectively to students

The report alsohighlights the most effective and impactful strategies for engaging with schools.

High impact activities include mentoring, enterprise competitions and work related learning provision.

Kloodle solves both the challenges faced whilst providing activities deemed “high impact” by the table above.

We work closely with our schools and colleges to improve the employability of young people. Our 5 Step Embed programme ensures our schools and college are following a scheme of work designed to improve student employability.

This ensures we are connected to the teachers and senior leaders designing the careers education in their school or college.

We facilitate enterprise competitions and employer related learning activities through Kloodle Badges. Employers are able to set up branded activities for students to undertake. By completing these activities they hone and develop valuable employability skills. These skills are stipulated by YOU. By setting a well-thought-out badge, you’ll be encouraging students to build and demonstrate the skills your organisation NEEDS.

Once students have completed your enterprise contest or employer learning activity, we demonstrate the impact you’ve had by sharing with you the best profiles. You can: –

  • See how your work has impacted each student
  • View great profiles
  • Shortlist the best for potential employment.

Employer engagement with schools should be easy and mutually beneficial. Kloodle ensures this is the case.

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