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How To Make an Impression as an Intern

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An internship is a great opportunity to make your mark, to really impress a potential employer, and to build your network for when it comes to applying for your career. You should strive to make an impression. An intern for MP Nick Boles certainly managed this as he had Parliamentary offices completely evacuated earlier this week due to a bomb scare.

Portculis House?—?a building containing MPs’ offices and committee rooms?—?was evacuated and surrounding streets cordoned off, after a suspicious device belonging to the ministers’s aide sparked off a security alert.

The tablet computer triggered the building’s airport-style security entrance, and resulted in dramatic scenes as Scotland Yard investigated the nature of the device. The tablet computer was not found to be suspicious, and normal service soon resumed. The interruption saw many high-profile figures missing meetings, further compounding the impression the young intern made.

Nick Boles tweeted “An exciting start to my apprentice’s first day at Parliament: the whole of Portculis House evacuated cos of security scare over his iPad!”

Heightened awareness around the threat posed by tablet devices has ensued due to the increased security checks now at airports, which require such devices to have enough battery to be switched on. It is thought that terror networks are working on a device that can avoid detection, being triggered by a tablet computer.


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