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Kloodle Bundles: The Easy Way to Record Student Skill Development

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Kloodle Bundles represent an easier way to record student achievement and skill development. They are series of badges that allow a student to capture work they have done in a specific area.

The Bundles

Experience Bundle?—?Designed to capture work experience, enrichment and volunteering.

Employability Bundle —Capture employability skill development that occurs in school / college.

Pastoral Bundle— Record learning and development that occurs during pastoral / tutorial time, for example British Values, Drugs and Alcohol Awareness and eSafety.

Primary Plus Bundle?—?Specific to primary school children, these are badges designed to capture moments / achievements the student is most proud of.

How it works

The process for getting Kloodle Bundles up and running is:-

  1. Select the bundles you wish to use
  2. We set up your Kloodle accounts
  3. Your students can then access the badges through our app and start to submit their work.
  4. Kloodle marks each submission
  5. Student work, upon completion, is formatted into a shareable digital Record of Achievement
  6. Engagement reports are provided each half term

What you get

With Kloodle bundles, you get: –

  1. Student accounts
  2. Access to the badges in the bundles you select
  3. Badge marking
  4. Digital profile for each student
  5. Engagement reports

What are the benefits?

Kloodle Bundles are the quick and easy way to capture student skill development that occurs through your enrichment, work experience and pastoral programmes. The work is recorded and evidenced should the need arise for things like Ofsted.

The student led nature of Kloodle and our badge marking service reduces the time burden on staff members.

Also, the sense of achievement students get through celebrating work they are proud of contributes to increased engagement and self-esteem.

How to get started

In order to get started, contact us on hello@kloodle.com. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements with you and help get you up and running.


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