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Stripe API and Copywriting

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Today I have been attempting to get the marketing pages and sign up flow for company badges up and running. I have written a basic landing page with a description of how the badges work, as well as a form to help a company build a badge.

My old mate John gave some stellar advice for the marketing pages. My first attempt described the benefits of badges more from a school’s perspective than an employer’s perspective. He suggested outlining the benefits for the employer more.

The page is a lot stronger as a result. Below is the page after the marketing pages; the page you reach when you decide to “go ahead” with a badge.

Things got interesting with designing the submission of this form. I want companies to be able to build a badge and pay for it without having Kloodle staff as a bottleneck.

I decided to implement Stripe payment to solve this problem. Stripe’s API is really straightforward to use. I followed this fantastic tutorial set by Jeffrey Way to help get things moving. I had it working on development in an afternoon.

I hope to release this live tomorrow!


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