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What DO Employers Want?

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Ernst Young, an accountancy firm, recently removed academic requirements from their selection process. The firm conducted internal research which illustrated no correlation between success in the work place and academic achievement.

More employers are following suit, including EY’s accountancy brethren PricewaterhouseCoopers. High performance at school no longer guarantees the best jobs.

So, what does?

As part of our mission to engage employers in the education process, Kloodle is releasing Employer Badges.

What are Employer Badges?

Employer Badges are activities and challenges set by employers and posted on Kloodle for students to undertake. The challenges are designed to encourage students to demonstrate and develop the skills employers value.

  1. Employers set criteria outlining what students must upload to their profile in order to achieve their badge
  2. The badge is posted on Kloodle for students to engage with
  3. Students evidence their skills through blogs, photos, videos and documents. These posts showcase the skills that employers value; skills such as teamwork, resilience, handling pressure and such like
  4. Employers see the best profiles.

Employer Badges are released on November 1st. To sign up to our mailing list and to register your interest to become amongst the first employers to set an Employer Badges, visit https://kloodle.com/works-employers?—?We look forward to your contribution!


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