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To begin awarding learners on Kloodle, you first need to create some awards.

What type of wards should you create?

  • An award for each of the skills on the skills wheel
  • A completed profile award
  • Subject awards
  • Employability awards
  • Weekly awards
  • Headteacher’s award

Ad infinitum. You’re limited by your creativity!

How do I create them?

Log in to your profile, click “Awards” at the top and click “Create new”.

With the screen that follows, select “Award” as your award type. Awards do not require learners to upload work (that’s a challenge), nor can they add them to their profile without verification (that’s an activity). Awards require you to physically award the learner, or for the learner to apply.



Click “Next” and fill in the field that follows.


Be sure to tag in the skills, as this will grow the learners’ wheels when they are awarded.



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