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We’ve been excited to see a flurry of posts from young people reflecting upon their interactions with a mentor, this week. One Million Mentors is a fantastic organisation, connecting young people with professionals. The organisation offers training to budding mentors, and pairs them with young people from the schools and youth organisations they work with.

The reflections we’ve seen on Kloodle provide an insight into the topics covered: from feedback on their CV, to advice on how to revise for exams; from insights into industry, to how to dress in an interview. These interactions are, quite clearly, very powerful and valuable to the young person. We have a sneaky suspicion that the mentor gets a lot out of it, too!

If you want to find out more about 1 Million Mentors, give their website a visit, and consider volunteering your time as a mentor. From what we’ve seen, young people really value it!


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