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Show Your Work

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Derek Sivers’s podcast interview with Tim Ferriss is my favourite. I derive different pieces of wisdom each time I listen.

Derek speaks about his rules for living.

Examples include “Be expensive” and “The more people you reach, the more useful you are”.

One directive is “Become a documentarian”. I love this idea. He derives this from a book by Austin Kleon ( “Show Your Work”.

Derek states that people “want to see the process”. They are interested in how you got “here”. They want to see “how the sausage gets made”.

This is the rational behind Kloodle. Our profiles show “how the sausage gets made”. It documents a student’s academic journey. It tracks development.

Austin discusses how 19th Century intellectuals kept curated artefacts of everything they learnt. Charles Darwen collected samples and fossils. He recorded his journey.

That idea has gone out of fashion. It’s a shame. The journey is more valuable than the destination. Recording learning and the route you took is more interesting than a collection of grades.


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