Building a Profile to CV Level

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Kloodle has the ability to export a user’s profile into a CV format. You can either print off this version of the profile, save it as a PDF, or share it as a weblink.

In order to get a profile up to CV level, you have to complete the following sections of a profile: –

  1. Bio
  2. Education History
  3. Employment History
  4. Achievements


To get started with your bio: –

Log in to your profile


Click on the “bio” tab. There will be a PowerPoint presentation that will provide an overview of how to write a good bio


Click “Create Bio”


Write your bio and click “Save”.

Education History

Next is your education history. To get started with this section, click the “Education” tab at the top of your profile


Click “Add High School”, “Add College” or “Add Degree” depending upon the level of education you wish to add.


Fill in the details in this section and click “Save”.

Employment History

Click the “Employment” tab at the top of your profile


Click “New Experience”


Fill in the details in this form and click “Save”


Click on the “Achievements” tab at the top of your profile


Click “New Achievement”


Fill in the details in this section of your profile and click “Add Achievement”

Once you have finished these sections of your profile, you will have the basics of a “CV level profile” on Kloodle. You can then share this profile with a potential employer.


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