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Employability in the Curriculum — Teamwork

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This is the first post in our “Employability in the Curriculum” series. Students are developing skills for their career on a daily basis each day in the classroom. The problem students face is the ability to articulate the skills they are capable of by way of example. We believe that a paradigm shift needs to occur within classrooms. Content should be framed in terms of the skill it teaches as opposed to content for content’s sake. E.g. in maths, we can teach “Standard Deviation”. Alternatively, we can “Develop analytical skills through learning standard deviation”. The first objective teaches students to value the content required for the exam. The second objective focuses on the process of learning and the skill your lesson is developing.

An approach like this will enable students to relate their learning to generic skills that they require for their career. This series is designed to help provide opportunities for this skill development in lessons. Any further ideas are welcomed. Please comment below.



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