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Episode 22: Uni is not the only path… An Interview with Jonny Scurrah

By April 15, 2020 April 21st, 2020 No Comments

Jonny joins us on the podcast today to discuss why uni isn’t the only route that teens should take. Jonny moved schools after his GCSE’s and struggled to find the motivation to revise during his time in sixth form, a problem that many of us face. After leaving school, Jonny was unsure what he wanted to do, before finding an opportunity in the field of quantity surveying. He managed to get an interview at McGoff and started working there in 2016. Jonny’s route is really interesting, as he also studied at Salford University during his first 3 years of work, achieving first class honours last year. Jonny reveals what working hard really means and why you should never let exam results define you.

We absolutely loved this conversation and how it shows why every person has the capability to work hard and achieve.

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