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We founded Kloodle in order to help young people showcase their skills, achievements and personalities more effectively to employers. We know that skills and intelligence come in many shapes and sizes, and wanted to provide a platform that enables ALL types of intelligence to flourish.

We want to build a platform that enables employers to find young people with the skills they need from a wide variety of backgrounds. With this in mind, we’ve started to develop the privacy settings that will enable young people to share content with employers.

As a school or college, you will have ultimate control over these settings. 

New Privacy Dashboard

When you log in o Kloodle as a teacher, you will see a new “User Privacy” option in your top right hand menu. Here is where you can set the privacy for the learners in your school or college.

By default, all learners are private.

There are two types of privacy settings: –

  1. The types of posts your learners can view
  2. The users that can see the content your learners create

View Settings

In this section, there are two main settings to focus on: –

  1. Can your learners see posts created by employers
  2. Can your learners see posts created by learners from other schools and colleges

Post Settings

In this section, you can determine which user groups can see your learners’ posts: –

  1. Employers – any user with an “employer” account on Kloodle
  2. Other users in your school / college
  3. Global – all users on the Kloodle network

This will then enable your learners to have their posts viewed by external members on Kloodle. We have conducted a number of surveys and our student users continually cite this as a feature that is missing from the platform. There are a few points to remember: –

  1. Users can set individual posts to private, if they wish, as well as “organisation only”, “employer only” and “all users”
  2. The users’ privacy selection will have a ceiling of the setting you choose – e.g. if you select “Teachers only” and the user selects “global”, only your teachers will be able to see the post. NOTE – if you then change the settings to “global”, the post will be globally visible
  3. Users do not have the ability to message privately
  4. All content and interaction is visible to you as a teacher / admin

How can employers get involved?

Your organisation will have relationships with employers. We are currently working on a system for you to invite employers to Kloodle. In the interim, please get in touch and provide us the details of the people you wish to have an employer account. We will help you set them up.


We want Kloodle to be the go-to platform for employer engagement. Through countless interactions with our learners, we know that an open platform where users can showcase their achievements and skills, as well as interact with employers, is the way to go. We are also aware that we have a safeguarding responsibility for our users. This has driven us to create these robust privacy settings so you have the final say over the level of exposure your users have.

Kloodle remains an active advocate of safeguarding and will monitor our system for any instances of malpractice and escalate this accordingly. If you would like to discuss Kloodle’s privacy options in greater detail, please give us a call on 0161 468 2724.





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Phillip is co-founder of Kloodle.