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How to Apply for a Vacancy on Kloodle

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You can apply for vacancies using your Kloodle profile. Vacancies on Kloodle can either be posted by external companies or your school or college’s work experience department. You can search for vacancies by either clicking on the “Opportunities” tab in the left hand menu () and using the search


Or by clicking through to your school or college’s profile and clicking on the “Opportunities” tab. You can find your school or college’s profile by i) Going to your profile and clicking on “My College” in your profile’s header card, or by clicking on “Your Organisation’s Job Posts” in the opportunities screen above.


Once you have found a vacancy you wish to apply for, click “View”


Read all of the supporting information as there may be something that supports your application. Scroll down to the bottom of the information and find the “Apply” button.


Click “Apply”. The first screen you come to will be the “Write cover letter” screen. Here you can start to tailor your application to the job you are applying for. A great cover letter should contain the following three paragraphs: –

  1. Sum up in paragraph 1 your knowledge of the position and organisation your applying to. i.e. “Sales is an important function to XXXX as their product requires great sales people to generate revenue for the company”. Always start your application from the perspective of the other person.
  2. Write about what you are currently doing?—?what you are studying, what your interests may be, where your passions lie.
  3. Tie the two together?—?how do your experiences and skills marry up to what the organisation is looking for? Explain why you would make a great employee. Think about the reasons you give your parents for buying you a new iPhone. Your doing the same thing here. You are trying to convince an employer to buy your services and time. Why should they? “A great salesperson needs good communication skills. As you can see by my involvement in XXXX, I have developed these skills through YYYYY. This would help me close sales and generate more revenue for your organisation.
  4. ALWAYS FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM. Without that context, they won’t be interested. “I’m hard working. I can keep time etc” these are useless. Why are these important to the organisation you’re being hired for? If you can tell the employer why you’d solve their problems and contribute, then you’ll stand above 9/10ths of the applicants.

Once you have completed this form, click “Next”. You’ll see the option to upload a CV. The employer can access your Kloodle profile, so you may wish not to upload a CV.


Once you have uploaded your CV or skipped, your application will be sent. You’ll be notified on Kloodle and via email about the employer’s decision.


  1. Have a full Kloodle profile to look at
  2. Evidence some of the skills you think are important to the employer
  3. Pay consideration to whet they need in your cover letter. They are hiring you to solve a problem?—?tell them why you can do that and how you can contribute

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