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How to Create a Badge on Kloodle

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Badges are a great way to reward students for activities they evidence on their profile. Here’s how to post a badge for your students to complete.

This tutorial can be split into the following activities:-

Setting the task

Log in to your admin or teacher profile. On your newsfeed, locate the box titled “Tasks”.


Click the green “Create New Task” button


You will be taken to the following form


Completing the Form

Provide the form with a clear, self explanatory title.

When writing the description, be sure to THOROUGHLY outline everything that’s expected of a student. Explicitly state what you want to see on their profile in order to be able to mark the task as complete. For example: –

For this task, we would like to see a post on your Kloodle profile that evidences “Teamwork”. The post could be:?—?— Group work at college?—?Team sports at weekend -Raising money for charity?—?An example from your work experience?—?An activity that involves working as part of a group Once you have completed the task, upload a piece of evidence to your Kloodle profile. Then click “Submit” and your task will be submitted for assessment

Once you have written your description, select a badge. If you would like an option that’s different to the ones you see on Kloodle, please: –

  1. Find the image you do want to use
  2. Send it to us via Intercom (the speech bubble at the bottom right hand corner of your screen)

We’ll then upload it to our server so it is an option for you to select


The next step of the form is to select the group you wish to serve the task to. This can be “Whole College” or a specific teaching group you own.


Then select a deadline for your task and click “Submit”

Your task will now be available for students to complete.


Logging in as a student

We’ll now log in as a student to mark this task as complete. We’ll assume the student has: –

  1. Done something interesting to evidence teamwork
  2. Created a post on Kloodle to evidence this

As you can see, the task is now listed in my “Tasks” section as a student.


I can click on the “Details” button and see exactly what I have to do for this task.


I’ll then click the “Mark as Complete” button, as I have created the necessary posts to evidence this badge.


The task status switches to “Pending” in my newsfeed and is submitted to my teacher to assess.

Assessing and Marking a Task

Let’s log back into my teacher account. I can see that the number of students who have completed this task has changed to 1.


Clicking on the task takes me to the admin panel and the list of students who have completed the task. I can see that Shaban has submitted an application.


I can click on Shaban’s profile to view the work he has done.

Once I have done this, I can select my response.

Application inadequate

If Shaban’s profile is inadequate, I might choose to reject his application.

First, I’ll send him a message to let him know by clicking the “Send Message” button


I’ll then click the “Mark Incomplete” button. You’ll see the button’s status change.


Shaban will now receive notification in his profile as thus


He can choose to resubmit.

Application Accepted

To accept the application, we simply need to click the “Mark as Complete” button. That changes the status to “Completed”


Shaban’s Profile

Once we have marked his badge as complete, the task in Shaban’s newsfeed will change status to “Complete”


We can click through to his profile and see our badge is now on his profile.


If we expand the badge, we can see the details of the task for which he was awarded the badge.


Archiving Tasks

Once a task has run its course, you can archive the task so it no longer appears in students’ task boxes or your own. It will be listed in your archive.

Click on the dropdown menu next to the task


Select “Archive Task”


You will now see the task archived. DO NOT DELETE THE TASK as all students who have been awarded the task will have their badge removed.


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