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Improving Gatsby Activities on Kloodle

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We have made some changes to how Kloodle captures participation in and reflections on Gatsby activities. The changes will merge Activities and Awards together. This will provide greater functionality from a teacher perspective and make usage simpler for learners. 

Your gatsby table view will remain the same. You will still be able to view all gatsby-related activities in one table, as before. 

Creating a Gatsby Activity

Creating a Gatsby Activity is now the same as creating an award. You can access the “Create” form through your Gatsby table by clicking on the “Create” button. This will take you to the awards form. 


The part you MUST remember, in order to mark an award as a “Gatsby” activity, is in the “Type” section of the form. Please ensure you select “gatsby” as your type.


Once you click save, you’ll be able to view the award. 

Here, you can save which benchmarks the award hits by clicking the blue “Add Benchmarks” button.



Awarding to entire groups

You can mark an entire group as having participated in this activity as follows: –

Click the “All Learners” tab in the left hand menu


Select the tag you wish to award to in the right hand tag filter.


Click the checkbox at the top so all learners are selected. You can choose learners individually, if you prefer. 


You’ll see a black dropdown menu. Click “Actions”


Select “Award to Selected”

You’ll see the status of the award next to the selected learner change. 


Gathering reflections and feedback

You can also gather reflections for this activity quickly and easily. 

Learners can search for the award in their “Awards” catalogue. Here they can add a post. 


Viewing a feed of all posts

As learners start to feedback on the award, I can view a feed of all the posts created. Logging in as a teacher and clicking on the award, you’ll see a “Content Feed” option on the left hand side tab menu.

Clicking this will display a feed of all posts added to this award. 


If you’d like any further help woth setting up Gatsby Awards, please use the Intercom button on the right hand side to chat to our team. 


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