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Kloodle video for employers — behind the scenes.

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We’re making a new Kloodle video. It’ll explain the advantages of using Kloodle for an employer. The twist is it will be delivered from a student’s perspective. The students will be telling employers what they need to know in order to pursue a career with their organisation. This is important, as students can find careers advice confusing and information overwhelming.


Astra Zeneca told us that “students see the brand and think we just employ chemists. They don’t seem to know we also need accountants, IT people, marketers and sales people”. Students aren’t aware of many of the opportunities that exist for them. The advice they receive in schools can be patchy. They are never exposed to a whole host of opportunities. Students become confused and uninformed.

Kloodle aims to enable employers to infiltrate education and tell students directly. We enable employers to get their message into the curriculum. We enable employers to tell students about what skills they value, what career paths exist with their organisation and what students need to do to be successful in the world of work.


Our new video will explain all this. It should be with you very shortly. In the mean time, here are some behind the scenes photos. You can see more photos on Facebook.



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