T-Levels - A series of introductory articles helping you to get started

T-Levels are a set of spanking-new qualifications launched to provide a gold standard for technical education in the UK. T-Level courses require intensive work placements, for which Kloodle provides an exciting solution.

This is our series of three blogs on T Levels, where we explore the issues and reasons behind the launch of the new exams. This sets the background for what the Government is trying to achieve through T Levels and the rationale for Kloodle’s approach for working with schools and colleges in this area.




Work experience is vital in developing crucial skills learners require to succeed in their future employment. Ensuring learners are progressing during their work placement is critical. Here’s where Kloodle helps. By building a Kloodle profile, learners can capture: –

  • Information about their work placement
  • Reflective blogs
  • Photos and videos
  • Employer feedback
  • Measurement of the distance travelled in terms of their skill development.

To find out more about how Kloodle can help, please visit our homepage and book a demo.



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