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Sharing Your CV Level Profile

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Sharing your CV Level Profile on Kloodle couldn’t be simpler. In order to do so:-

Log in to your profile


Click on the “Share / Print Profile” button


This will take you to the sharable version of your Kloodle profile


From here, you can share your profile in one of three ways.

As a Web Link

In the profile header card box, click on the green ‘Share’ button. You will see the following screen: –


Click in the box and copy the link. You can paste this and send to any recipient, who will then be able to navigate to the link and view the publicly viewable version of your profile.

As a Printed Document

You can print your document by clicking the blue “Print” button in the header card of your document

As a PDF

To share your profile as a PDF, if you repeat the step above (click the blue print button), you will see the usual print dialogue box.


In the “destination” section of this dialogue box, click “Change”


You will see the following screen


In the “Local Destinations” section, you will see a “Save as PDF” option


Click on this option and click save. Your profile will now be downloaded as a PDF.


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