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Gatsby is ensuring the careers is receiving the prominence it deserves in schools and colleges. Formal careers advice is a must. Choices are too hard to navigate alone, and learners require professional, impartial support.

We have spoken to a lot of careers professionals who find embedding careers into the curriculum, and this is where we want to help. There’s a lot of value to be created by including careers into the curriculum, not least: –

  1. Increased learner engagement
  2. Increased relevance of the topic at hand
  3. Introducing learners to a greater breadth of career options

There’s a real difficulty for curriculum staff to embed careers into their lessons. This is because of packed timetables, syllabus pressure and a lack of training / field expertise.

We want to make this easier. In order to do this, we’re looking for people who: –

  1. Use topics learnt at school, college or university in their day job
  2. Would be willing to show these aspects through blogs, photos, videos and documents

On Kloodle, we have an “Explore” feed. Here, people can discover content posted to Kloodle based on skill, subject, career pathway or job title. We’ve started to add posts by employers designed to show how topics covered in school are used in their jobs.

Teachers are able to click on their subject, and the feed of employer content appears, enabling the teacher to discuss these in class. Also, awards created by employers relevant to the selected subject appear, outlining activities learners can complete to do with the topic at hand, framed in the context of situations encountered in real workplaces.

If you’re employed and would like to tell the story of your day job through Kloodle, why not get in touch and become a #CareersInfluencer? You can contact me via email – phillip@kloodle.com. I’ll get you set up with an account, as well as with some guidelines on what type of content we’re after.


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